Manufacturing Capabilities



BIG SHOUT OUT TO #SHOPSABRE!!!! Their customer service is beyond amazing!!! Take a look at what we did with their machine!


Welcome to the new Manufacturing Capabilities Page. SAME DAY PROCESSING AVAILABLE!!

  1. We now have CNC in house machining capabilities of multiple materials to include revolutionary 4th Axis (Rotary) machining typically used for gun stocks or custom walking canes with wrap around carvings – See 1st YouTube video
  3. Access to 10×20′ CNC waterjet – See 2nd YouTube video
  4. Digitizing probe for replication of items – 600DPI –See third YouTube Video
  5. Parts tracer and digitization for creating 3d files to include replication – 52×68″ capability – See 4th YouTube video
  6. Welding both MIG and TIG!
  7. In house embroidery with the best equipment out there – yes we can embroider leather too!
  8. In house serger for manufacturing face masks and other fabric goods!
  9. In house leather good fabrication! Gotta brag here- we are now the OEM for! -EDC leather goods!!!
  10. IN HOUSE LASER ENGRAVING AND CUTTING AS OF 21 SEPT 2020!!!new laser design on knife


  1. Cut anything you can think of like those guys on YouTube
  2. Tool and item marking to include custom foam/wood/etc shadowing of same items – SEE BOTTOM RIGHT PHOTO IN SHOP SABRE PHOTO SHOWN BELOW FOR GREAT EXAMPLE OF TOOL SHADOWING  – WE CAN SHADOW ANYTHING WITHIN REASON!! Medical devices, weapons and whatever else you can think of. Just spend a little money to protect that expensive device!!!
  3. Custom data plates/metal business cards
  4. Granite and Glass/other materials etching to include round objects!
  5. We have been selected to be the OEM manufacturer for Rep-Tiles™ Feel The Bones™  It’s a special product that goes on walls!!
  6. Custom made bookshelves that hide large items! (We are hot on this!!!)
  7. Custom made other furniture items that also hide large items. Need your item? Wave the magnet/RFID card/push hidden button and your tray opens!
  8. Metal/wood/plastic etc signs replicating unit patches, Police, Fire, Service or whatever floats your boat
  9. Custom size tool boxes marked with whatever text/design to include braille!!!
  10. Local topographical maps with epoxy for water etc, custom shower drains, modular book shelves, custom made desks like aircraft wings
  11. Custom weapon holsters/bags/laptop bags/belts with hidden compartments!


These capabilities let us do the following but not limited to some of the examples below we found on YouTube:

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The below screenshot is of the ShopSabre website and is used with permission from ShopSabre.


ShopSabre website


Other items we can do and are in the works as we speak. We had a guy want “Bill is the Pimp” and the Colorado State seal on his engraved marble coaster… we did it! It was gorgeous! We could do the same thing on your shower drains too! Also ALL MADE HERE IN THE USA. No 8-12 week shipping BS…. Also we can engrave photos into wooden toilet seat covers. NO WE DON’T engrave on used ones but perhaps a photo of a particular someone who was less than overly awesome and probably (insert descriptive things here) on you for years while you were deployed (and married) could go on a trash can cover if you want (you would be SO SO SO surprised how rampant that is!). We will take your money!!!! Think it up, lets try it!!! Need your name put on tools? We’ll etch it. Your (insert whatever terms here like lovely, faithful or whatever term you want) ex-wife kill your 2 yr old puppy and you want a plaque with the dog’s photo on it? We can do that too. Got an urn with the ashes of your old pet or want a plaque for a pet on black granite? Send a pic! We can engrave on the outside of the urn even though it’s round!

We have a new product coming to market in a few months and the Trademark is in process!!!! We have a whole new take on shower tiles, kitchen backsplash tiles, hallway tiles for decoration and it’s gonna be a HOOT! Tired of seeing an old fossil in the bathroom mirror? Try putting some on the wall!! If you break it, we just pull up the file and cut another with same day shipping!


Just some fun cnc carving for kids!



The 4th axis is amazing!!



Most people gladly pay for this instead of sitting for hours with a knife!



Musical instrument parts are possible!



Dinosaur cut out of whatever you please :)



Instrument panel for an aircraft!



Musical instrument component making!



More painful foam cutting just in case you did not get enough torture from the last time you did it! We even put in thumb grip spots on the side!



The drag bits actually work pretty good!



These guys are using pass through technology!



Name tags and data plates done in house!


This guy is amazing!!!! He is a true inspiration to us! Leather is perfect for those of you who want timeless gifts!

Here is a shot from the 20th of July of our machine doing a test run!!!! WE EMBROIDER LEATHER!!!


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Lether embroidery test