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Thank you and welcome to our small company/website. We really appreciate your business and will typically do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy. After many many years of running my own company I can assure you that there are truly some people that you can never make happy so we have to at least disclose that. Here are some guidelines for choosing a bag for us to UpArmor or perhaps choosing a bag or an item we already stock.

HOW OUR PROCESS WORKS: This applies to everything – bulletproof backpacks, bulletproof child seats, bulletproof side panels for your car, bulletproof panels for your house door, bulletproof briefcases, bulletproof chairs/tables, bulletproof crotch protectors etc and whatever else you can think of.

Choose what item you want-

We purchase/provide/install the bag and the panel (1.5 lbs for the book bags approx) or the AR-500 metal panel (11 lbs for the bookbags) and ship your item(s) to you. Custom shapes are available.