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Hi! Welcome to We take items of your choosing and modify them with material that is lightweight and stops most handgun rounds (NIJ-3a). This provides protection for you or your loved ones. The backpacks have been incredibly popular.

We can be contacted at uparmorgearservice at  gmail {dot} com or the email request form below. Business hours vary due to Holidays and workload. Email us for a physical address if you need to mail us a package. OUR NEW 1800 number is now active. It’s posted on the shirt on the products page. ALL CALLS WILL GO TO VM and when we screen out the spam, we will return your call!!! The amount of spam calls is tremendous and it’s literally stealing money from us with all the wasted time answering telemarketer calls.


Legal disclaimer: Wallis Aviation Inc operates and owns  It nor any employees or owners/shareholders/affiliated people, entities or family members make the actual bulletproof panels, we do not make the bookbags or other items. We have poured our blood, sweat, tears, and a TON of money into research and bulk purchasing let alone equipment and everything else. This is not a “magic shield” and we are simply giving you the opportunity to use a “bulletproof”- (bullet resistant per the lawyers) panel that is discreetly hidden in an object to help protect your life or the life of others. Logo(s) and slogans etc are filed and approved for trademark. Official test results from the  fabric are on file and available on request. Use of our product implies directly that the end user or representatives of said user or estate of user has no guarantee or claims against anyone associated in any way with this service or products. We have no affiliation with any other companies who may have a similar name. ex – Up Armor Gear or UPArmor Gear or UP Armorgear or endless ways to spell it and or variations. We are not liable for the distinction between bulletproof vests/bags/garments nor their limitations as defined. We are simply a service that places level NIJ-3a panels into desired garmets/items etc…

Any one of these products may be illegal somewhere somehow, we recommend checking all applicable laws before you travel.  This service/product(s) may be hazardous in California. We are not liable for anything. We have customer(s) that travel through the United States with our gear with no problems. They have disclosed the panels to airport security and were approved for transit through security to their destinations.

Thank you for your support, thank you to all the Veterans who have written a check to the United States in the amount of “everything I have, can do or otherwise, up to and including my life for our freedom” I’m a Veteran too.