Congratulations to Shot’s Fired Indoor Gun Range and pawn shop in Covington GA!!! They are now an approved vendor!

‭(678) 342-0110‬

8175 Washington St SW
Covington, GA 30014
United States

They are currently sold out and awaiting new inventory (demand is through the roof after the huge concert shooting)


Congratulations to Jackson True Value Hardware!   We welcome them into the UpArmorGear family!!!! They are now an approved (and stocked) vendor for UpArmorGear items. If you want to see or buy one in person, please stop by 124 N. Mulberry St, Jackson GA 30233. They can be reached by phone at 770-775-3000. They currently stock the 17″ Targus Backpacks that have been UpArmored with NIJ-3a Kevlar.

They are currently sold out and awaiting more inventory.


Welcome and thank you for visiting. We have had tremendous success with several manufacturers! Remember we uparmor your gear, we don’t typically stock items. We have had customers send us the Drago assault pack among others and my personal favorite, the Targus 17″ laptop book bag. The demand for these is so high, we ordered some to keep in stock and we still have a few ready to ship for super quick turnaround!! $275.00 (or $215 and up plus your bag) plus $20 for US shipping ready to go at your door! ISR pilot seat pan liners coming soon! Don’t want shrapnel getting the goods!! Looks like the Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge vest is popular too! Apparently lots of book bags are ordered from Amazon and shipped directly to us. It’s always a pleasant surprise to see the truck! T-shirts are 25.00 plus $10 for US shipping if you need some SWAG! Speaking of surprises, you might just see a free T-shirt in your bag when it gets to the door!!! :)

Oakley Kitchen Sink – Bulletproofed
Only $400.00 + $20 US shipping
Oakley Kitchen Sink

Targus 17″ Laptop Backpack – Bulletproofed
Only $275.00 + $20 US shipping
THIS BAG NOW IN STOCK AT JACKSON TRUE VALUE HARDWARE!! 124 N MULBERRY ST, JACKSON GA 30233 – 770-775-3000. For those of you who want to see and touch one in person before you buy (and not pay shipping), this is a very friendly store with excellent customer service and great way to see one in person before you buy!!!)
Targus 17" backpack

Drago Assault Pack – Bulletproofed
Only $275.00 + $20 US shipping

Your vest or backpack plus approximately 400.00(shipping included). Price vary greatly so we take payment over the phone. Email us for details and we’ll be happy to call you and set something up.
Email us if you would like us to UpArmorGear something for you!

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 5.42.34 AM

UpArmorGear T-Shirt
Only $25.00 + $10 US shipping