Click on the post to see more products! We have had tremendous success with several manufacturers! Remember we uparmor your gear, we typically only carry the most popular items people have wanted upgraded. We have had customers send us the Drago assault pack among others and my personal favorite, the Targus 17″ laptop book bag (The demand for these is so high, we ordered some to keep in stock and we have them ready to ship for super quick turnaround!! $275.00 (or $210 plus your bag) plus $20 for US shipping ready to go at your door!). ISR pilot seat pan liners coming soon! Don’t want shrapnel getting the goods!! Looks like the Columbia Men’s Vest is popular too!  Apparently lots of book bags are ordered from Amazon and shipped directly to us. It’s always a pleasant surprise to see the truck! T-shirts are 25.00 plus $10 for US shipping if you need some SWAG! Speaking of surprises, you might just see a free T-shirt in your bag when it gets to the door!!! :)

To order, send an email to uparmorgearservice at gmail and we will create a custom email invoice just for you!

Oakley Kitchen Sink – Bulletproofed
Only $400.00 + $20 US shipping
Oakley Kitchen Sink

Tagus 17″ Laptop Backpack – Bulletproofed
Only $275.00 + $20 US shipping
Targus 17" backpack

Drago Assault Pack – Bulletproofed
Only $275.00 + $20 US shipping

Vest (Still in development)
Email us if you would like to be notified when they become available for purchase.

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UpArmorGear T-Shirt
Only $25.00 + $10 US shipping

Men’s and Women’s sizes available, send an email to uparmorgearservice at gmail and we will send you a custom invoice!