workplace violence

17 shot/injured in Arkansas at club.

Two girls shot in West Ga at a sleep over.

Chinese restaurant video show someone entering and shooting somebody else.

Man robbs 3 Waffle Houses in 24 hrs.

Seven people shot in Atlanta house shooting!! 1 dead.

Kansas sex offender accused of doing some unforgivable stuff to 7 yr old and killing her..

Sydney Australia – Man attempts to steal car – has no idea how to drive a stick shift… whoops…. still steals purse.

Man delivering Chinese food held up at gunpoint, he shoots at attackers and then flings food at attackers! He shot at least one and held another at gunpoint. The crooks ordered the wrong dish apparently…

28 yr old shot and killed in Riverdale GA.

Flint Michigan, Airport closed due to “possible terrorist attack”

Pro-ISIS militants storm school in Philippines and hold students hostage.

Another attack on Police in London by a “possible terrorist” with a bomb and other weapons.

17 yr old teen shot in Paulding County!! – is being airlifted now!

Hall County – neighborhood shootout injures 4 including child and deputy – the deputy’s bulletproof vest stopped a bullet! Also a father appears to of shot and killed his daughters boyfriend after he allegedly shot her in the back.

Two inmates accused of murdering two corrections officers gave themselves up willingly (at gunpoint when the TN house owner stopped them from stealing his vehicle)

Two little girls shot at their school picnic!!

Cyclist shot with SHOTGUN from moving car – accused shooter said it was to blow off steam!!!

Shooting at UPS facility!!! Multiple victims in San Francisco!

Huge story, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise shot along with several others in Virginia!

Two Corrections Officers Dead!!! Two criminals on the run just East of Atlanta, police still looking for a 2008 white Ford Truck License Plate BCX-5372!!!! (They have been found and are now in jail)

3 Dead and 2 wounded near Brookwood Elementary School in Utah. 20-30 shots fired.

1 dead after possible road rage shooting on I-285 near Stone Mountain.

Columbus Ohio shooting, awaiting news. – 1 dead so far…

Five killed and seven survivors in Orlando after workplace violence on 5 June 2017.

Terrorist attack in Manchester – 7 dead and 48 wounded 5 June 2017.

Terrorist attack at Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester 17 May 2017 – 23 dead, 119 injured.

Get a backpack, it will help stop shrapnel. It keeps going!! It will help stop a knife as well as bullets!!!

Take a look, here is the link!