Helpful tips

Thank you and welcome to our small company/website. We really appreciate your business and will typically do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy. After many many years of running my own company I can assure you that there are truly some people that you can never make happy so we have to at least disclose that. Here are some guidelines for choosing a bag for us to UpArmor or perhaps choosing a bag or an item we already stock.

HOW OUR PROCESS WORKS: This applies to everything – bulletproof backpacks, bulletproof child seats, bulletproof side panels for your car, bulletproof panels for your house door, bulletproof briefcases, bulletproof chairs/tables, bulletproof crotch protectors etc and whatever else you can think of. Choose what item you want (you can buy it from our stock or buy it and send it to us (typically people buy from a big box store for their custom item and ship directly to us or buy directly from what we have in stock) and we provide/install either the Kevlar panel (1.5 lbs for the book bags approx) or the AR-500 metal panel (11 lbs for the bookbags) and ship your item(s) to you. Custom shapes are available. Lately, customers have just wanted a one order solution so just call us at 307-220-44445 (don’t dial the last 5) and let’s talk. We’ll get your order started immediately. Leave a message or a text and we’ll get back to you.

  1. You need a bag/item that makes you happy. Take a look at what we offer and see if we have anything that fits your needs. If I were you, I’d order the Targus 17′ laptop backpack straight from us!
  2. If you want a bag or other item you don’t see here, let us know and we will work closely with you to make sure we get it done right.
  3. We have certain rules here – the panel must be secured privately in the bag so if projectiles hit it, the panel won’t dance around and go sideways. It cannot just be put in the main chamber and left there. We reserve the right to reject the bag if it will not accommodate our panels or if we think something fishy is going on.
  4. If you want to see one in person, you can provided they are not sold out. The contact information is as follows: Please visit (our approved vendor) Jackson True Value Hardware at 124 N Mulberry St, Jackson GA 30233. They also sell the bags at $250.00 which is the same as our price but without shipping. The 17″ laptop Targus bags are usually in stock and can be contacted at 770-775-3000.
  5. UpArmorGear 461 E 2nd St, PO BOX 706, Jackson GA 30233 is our address for shipping items to us.
  6. Why is this expensive? A custom bag that you want, measured and custom UpArmored takes labor, a very very expensive machine (250k) and a fair amount of overhead. You could go with some bag they sell on the internet by the millions that is known by crooks or you could get a quality bag of your choice from us. Your choice, your life, your sense of security…. Make the right decision.
  7. Hey!!!! I want you to put the panel in another bag next year – Ok, we can do that. We will remove it, remove the protective cover, reseal it and have it resewn in a new bag for you at a fairly low cost.




Kevlar panels are NIJ-3A rated (handgun rounds up to 44 Magnum!) See official NIJ-3a classifications for official specs.

AR-500 metal panels stop higher power bullets such as 223/5.56 and .308. See official AR-500 classification metal specs for more information.

All panels are custom cut to shape on CNC machinery and bagged. Yes the 250,000.00 waterjet machine is worth it as Kevlar does not trim nicely without being cut by waterjet. All panels are double bagged hermetically, inserted into your product and shipped to you. We try and be as discreet as possible so the panels are not obvious. Panels are typically inserted into the item underneath a layer of cloth so it’s not easy to discover or dislodge. This typically requires some modification to the object and may/will void any guarantees by the manufacturer.

Cash, money order or credit card accepted.

Please see below for items needed. We are happy to help you choose what object you want up armored.

Name – your shipping address- request of services to your object (please describe in detail) – preference of Kevlar panel or AR-500 metal panel – timeline if needed rush – gift packaging or regular. We will then give you the shipping address for the item you have purchased to send to us – The business address – 461 E 2nd St, PO box 706, Jackson GA 30233 will work also. (we have several locations so contact ahead of time is always appreciated to help save on shipping/gas – the more it costs us, the more we have to charge)


Now for a little bit of patriotic pep talk……

Hello Everybody!!!!! Part of this page is dedicated to reversing the disturbing trend of “certain people” we all know (and some we wish we didn’t know) and love who do stupid things. It’s a work in progress and please feel free to suggest items for the page.


This country relies on average people like you and me to uphold the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic – THIS MEANS that you and I have a large burden on our shoulders. We have to be adults and think before we do. We have rights and we have to protect those rights and ourselves. There are lots of unpopular things that we don’t like that go on but we still have to respect those people’s rights to do those things. This country depends on people like you and I to uphold what it should be. There is only one language the world understands and that is force. There are forces in this world that will stop at nothing to take over the world and impose their will on you. Some of these forces will not stop unless they are killed. This means use your right to carry, if something goes down, it’s your duty to step up and protect the lives of innocent people. If you need proof, look at the incredible town of Kennesaw GA. Everyone there was mandated to buy a gun and all of a sudden, crime was 85% below the national average… Take THAT you gun control freaks! And if you are still sniveling, check the statistics on Morton Grove, Illinois. The crime went up in Morton Grove, Illinois by 15.7 percent right after they passed a handgun ban. Not only was that a violation of the rights of the people in Illinois, the law abiding folks were deprived of a chance to legally defend themselves and crime went up. It was made into a buffet for criminals.  We need some brave people. And by choosing our products, we know with chest swelling pride that you are stepping up to the challenge. Let’s ROLL!!!!

Words of advice on how to live the UpArmorGear lifestyle.

1. Take pride in what you do.

2. Learn your rights, learn your history- it somehow seems to repeat itself.

3. Respect yourself, respect the people around you, respect your elders, put down the darn phone at the dinner table. Help those in need if you can but don’t be an enabler.

4. Don’t discriminate against others for any reason.

5. Education, never stop learning, you owe it to yourself and those around you to keep learning. Get off your butt and learn. Even if you have to go to a popular video channel and look up stuff to learn. I realize not everybody has the same opportunities as everyone else. I mowed lawns to pay for everything I had in the early days.

6. Spend time with your family. This life is not about how much money you make, it’s about happiness. Be a good parent, be a good mentor, be somebody that other people look up to whether it’s your family or somebody else.

7. Be a role model. Again, be somebody people look up to! Don’t be like “certain” sports stars that do drugs, abuse people, break the law etc….. Realize somebody is ALWAYS WATCHING you….. yes always….

8. Get outside!!! Put down the machine that moves around electrons in a particular pattern based on your inputs and smell the air. Teach your kids a useful skill. Maybe you only know how to identify one particular plant but at least teach somebody what you can.

9. Step back and take a moment, for example there are more than 4000 religions recognized in the world, untold numbers of gangs, millions of “clubs” and maybe if you are part of some organization that advocates something that does not sound quite right…. then maybe you should see if you are being used as a pawn in a power structure instead of something that is disguised as SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY. Maybe if you are changing the oil on a car and discover a better way, again – step back and if you can help other people by changing something, feel free to help. Maybe you discovered something unsafe, take a step back and analyze…

10. Do the right thing, even if somebody is not looking…. When the Statue of Liberty was built, surely they thought nobody would look at the top of her head, yet they did the right thing and finished the Statue of Liberty up top.

11. Be smart – get off the social networks telling everybody what you do exactly when you do it. Pervs have been caught taking pictures of rooms from outside and they told the cops the metadata from social posts gave them a precise 3D location of GPS coordinates. How is that for scary! Realize everything you put out there even if it’s unpublished but is on your own computer is subject to reading by the bad guys. If you post you are going on vacation, don’t be surprised when  you come back and your house was robbed. You are an idiot for telling the world that in the first place, secondly even if you think your “privacy settings” are up to date, even bigwigs have had their personal photos posted online because of bugs in software. If you make a post on a social network, it’s likely Geo-tagged (time, date and GPS position!!!) LADIES (and guys)- before you send in your computer to get fixed, take off any photos you have that are not work safe, lots of perverts out there that “borrow” your photos from your computer and post them online… You should not be taking those photos in the first place. Just ask all the HOLLYWOOD STARS that had all their “private porn photos” hacked because they were on their computer or in the “cloud”. Mama said, don’t put all your eggs in one basket – well when we put our data on “the cloud” it just makes it easier for the bad guys to crack something stored all in the same place. Whoops….