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More than you think is going on behind the doors of our SECRET SQUIRREL research department. Where will the magic elevator stop? What are the magical creatures doing behind this door? UpArmorGear is constantly moving, constantly evolving, constantly developing new products as we speak. If you are a part of UpArmorGear, you are part of an AMERICAN lifestyle that simply cannot be duplicated. Everything is done here in the USA, we don’t ship jobs overseas.

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Look at this stylish guy!!!! ANOTHER SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!!!


We’ve got new boxes in the works! We do everything with pride. We want every customer to have a 100% professional experience. Technically a trash bag can wrap something and then we stick a label on it. It’s ugly and not part of what we want for our customers! Ergo….. here are the new box designs!!!!!!

current box

current top Bottom box



We’d like to Congratulate Mr Jake Alverez on his position as Bilingual Specialist as well as being our Bulk Discount Representative for Hawaii and Texas!!!

captain Jake


Congratulations to Jackson True Value Hardware! We welcome them into the UpArmorGear family!!!! They are an approved vendor for UpArmorGear items. If you want to see one in person, please stop by 124 N. Mulberry St, Jackson GA 30233. Also they can be reached by phone at 770-775-3000. They currently stock the 17″ Targus Backpacks that have been UpArmored with NIJ-3a Kevlar.


Here is a peek behind the scenes of 60,000 psi (yes I said sixty THOUSAND PSI) cutting Kevlar for the bullet proof backpacks. Obviously when you have access to “MAN TOOLS” you have to make use of the awesomeness…..  (if something does not fit, you can’t simply trim it with a butter knife good sir….)



Interview with the owner on Thanksgiving!!!!!

Question: Sir, why did you decide to open this website? Owner:  Several reasons – When you decide there is a product in the world that is needed, you go after it.  Question: So why should people buy from you? Owner: My entire goal is quality and we don’t hire child factories in another country to make money for us while we sit back and put our feet on our desk like some high powered corporate guy that squeezes every penny out of every worker and every product. Everything we do is in the Good ol U S of A!    Question: That seems admirable, so why don’t you make your own bags?    Owner: It’s simple, every thief knows what a camera bag looks like etc so we are doing whatever we can to give the owner a valuable product without exposing them to unneeded loss risks.  Question: Well, how do you grow your brand?  Owner: We only grow through word of mouth. It’s our quality and dedication to detail that sets up as what people want. Crooks are smart, so we take a hit on our brand by not putting any patches out there. However, we do have swag that you can wear etc to help spread the word but we don’t label our products for a reason. Question: Can you give me any examples of your work?  Owner: Sure, we have taken this backpack that is available from any big box store and up armored it with Kevlar. The crooks don’t know what to look for, the owner is extremely happy and now he has a bullet proof book bag to send his kids to school with let alone to travel with if he is in a combat zone.  Question: Combat zone?! Who are these people who buy your service? Owner: Yes I said combat zone. With all that incoming and junk, you really want something to protect your vital organs if something should happen, lots of people with guns over there and not all of them are friendly. Question: So it seems like you have a well rounded view of things, is there anything else you want to say? Owner: Yes, I want to say thank you to all the wonderful people who support us. The world is changing and not for the better. If you wake up a little bit and start to pay attention, you will see through your own research that there are lots of violent things that go on in this world and there is not a signal that it will happen to avoid it yourself. Lots of people have the “It won’t happen to me” perception going on and it’s unhealthy. Thank you to all the Veterans and the contractors that go in harms way to protect us. Please keep paying attention to the site as we have changes daily. There are quite a few things up our sleeves and I’m looking forward to announcing them officially. We probably open our mouth too much on the News Flash announcements but it’s all good.


UPCOMING PRODUCT LAUNCH SOON!!!!!!     Are you a pilot or an ISR sensor operator? Are you worried you might get some shrapnel or a bullet from below? We have a product launch coming up soon. R&D is doing some stuff that is under wraps right now but we need some input!!! The bulletproof pilot seat cushion is here!!!!! (just not quite for sale yet and it can also be used for passengers). We need to know from you all several things – what would you pay for one? What size fits you best? Do you want a handle? How about a regular cushion and extra for a handle. Would you like a pocket in it somewhere? If you are an ISR pilot flying a King Air, I have the sneaking suspicion that yours is coming out soon! STAY TUNED!!!!


News Flash!!!! Our up-armored backpacks are out and about, we are thankful that none have been used in actual situations and hope/pray that none are. Customer reports continue to flow through the door, nothing inspires confidence like wearing a backpack that we’ve up-armored and carrying a gun legally. Now you have a shield to use while you engage/disengage or dispatch the bad guys in a big cloud of justice that smells like gunpowder!!!!! OUR PERSONAL testing photos/videos are available, official NIST test results on the Kevlar are always available upon request.


News Flash!!! Our Executive Protection Box/Micro Safe Room is in the works, price point should be about 2,000.00 per person of capacity. The Executive Protection Box slips in right under your desk, in your closet or anywhere you want (please keep in mind structural requirements as this item is super heavy). You send us the measurements and we custom fab the box for you. If you have an active shooter situation and choose to do so, hide under your desk (It’s designed to slip in right under your desk if you decide) and close the lid. Your cell phone might not work in the box so call 911 before you close the lid! The shooter will probably go for softer targets than trying to waste all their time getting into your bulletproof box…. The Micro Safe Room is simply a larger version of this box designed to hold more than one person. If you are a liberal or just don’t believe in owning guns, this is perfect for you. We are not here to judge you as lots of families with young kids don’t want guns in the house! Pack your family inside our bulletproof Micro Safe Room and wait until people with guns show up (the police) to fix the problem.


News Flash!!!! Our clothing line is done. Now so you can mark out to your favorite undercover stealth up-armoring company. Nothing says what we do…. if you see the shirt you’ll flip out over how cool it is and only people who know who we are will know what the shirts look like. If you’ve never sat at the cool table, now is your chance!!!!! It’s just a sneak peak for now… :) The white shirts are shipping and we have one small detail to do on the black shirts! 25.00 plus shipping and you can be cool too. You might just find a shirt in your UpArmorGear modified backpack!!

Spade and logo

white t shirt swag

black t shirt swag











News Flash!!!! Just got notified from the R&D department that our Kydex holsters division will be up and running soon. We will be offering custom made Kydex holsters for your weapons, for your clips, magazines, flashlights, fire starters, superhero tools, tools you keep on your hip that happen to fold out and have pliers, even holsters for aluminum cans that happen to hold adult beverages and whatever else you can think of (yes even those things we can’t talk about like SILENCERS!!!!). It’s nice to have it in house! Wait till you see my holster!!!! You send us the object or tell us what it is and we will make a holster for it.


News Flash!!!! It’s bullet proof doors…. testing of materials is in progress, new machinery RFQ’s are out and being answered daily. We will be making “artful” door covers to block those evil thugs from breaking in. We will also be making bulletproof doors for every occasion that are undetectable in our usual stealth fashion. They won’t know it’s bullet proof but you will. We suggest one for your bedroom, one for each of the outside entrances and of course one on each of your children’s doors.


News Flash!!!! It’s going to be a super surprise. Please help us raise money for an in house waterjet!!! We are looking forward to providing jobs for Veterans!  See our post below that we just posted to our facebook page about our new GoFundMe account!!!


I’d love it if you took a moment to check out my GoFundMe campaign:

Your support would mean a lot to me. Thank you so much!



Brian Wallis

Below is a photo of our Oakley Bullet Proof backpack in use. Congratulations to the local Atlanta company for your order!!!!!